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With the dozens of styles of custom promotional bags offered out there, it is understandable that you might find yourself utterly confused as to which promotional bags will market your company best. As a marketer, you may say cost is the deciding factor and, perhaps, your aesthetic taste as well. But these can push quality and customer preference to the backseat, eventually hurting your brand-building tactic. Imagine, a damaged custom bag spilling its contents in a very public place – carrying your logo. Or a client saying, “No, thanks,” as you hand him your promotional item with all its crazy colors. It will be hard to fix those mistakes, and even harder to explain them to the bosses.

So, how then do you find the perfect custom bags? Here are 3 guide questions to make the tough job of choosing a lot easier:

Who’s your target?

Before anything else, get to know the recipient of your promotional bags first—consider their preferences and behavior. What you are giving should be something they will find appealing and usable. Golf bags, for example, are the ideal gifts for important male business clients, but these will not suit female executives or your everyday customers well. Female big leaguers would appreciate a classy laptop bag or cosmetic case more. For your loyal customer, a tote bag filled with goodies will be perfect.

What is the message you are sending out?

Don’t forget the purpose of giving away custom bags! The kind of promotional item should go hand-in-hand with your brand-building strategy. If you are a sporting goods store, giving away a pink purse would be a terrible idea. A navy blue or black duffel bag, on the other hand, would be more suitable in communicating a strong brand message, as with having a tropical-themed travel bag giveaway for travel agencies and resorts.

Where are you going to give away your custom promotional bag?

Trade shows, conferences, parties, corporate anniversaries, holiday celebrations—the list can go on and on. Custom bags are the most-versatile of promotional items, as they can suit all sorts of events and brand-building endeavors. But take note of the very nature of these events. In terms of budget, logistics and an array of other factors, they define and limit the kind of bag that you can give away so you have to carefully consider the pros and cons of distributing particular types of promotional bags. Trade shows, for example, require lightweight but very durable bags with a roomy design for holding catalogs and folders. They have to come in cheap, though, as you are going to have to give away hundreds of pieces at one show alone. But at company celebrations and departmental functions, you can go ahead and splurge with richer materials and more complex designs.

After answering these 3 questions, you are now ready to choose the bag that will fit your needs best from our wide selection of custom bags!

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