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A tote bag is just another kind of purse. The purse has been around since around 3,000 BC; the first time they appeared in Europe was in the 1400s. Both men and women carried them until around 1670 when men’s breeches started to be made with pockets. Women began insisting upon purses in the 1870s so that they wouldn’t ruin their clothes. A recent survey found that the average 30-year old woman owns 21 purses and buys a new one every three months. That means that most women own over 100 purses in their lifetime.

So you can see the marketing potential for promotional tote bags. Of course, women will most likely be the ones to use your tote bags, so it makes sense to ensure that your tote bag is attractive and stylish enough for women to want to carry them. If a woman likes your tote bag, she’ll most likely want to carry it everywhere she goes, which means that your name, logo, and contact information will be exposed to scores of people throughout the day.

Many companies give free tote bags during conventions and trade shows. Companies and organizations at large events like this usually give out information and gifts to the people who attend them, so there’s a need for tote bags. It’s smart to have your name, logo, and contact information emblazoned on these bags. Fortunately, tote bags are usually inexpensive. Even customized bags often cost less than a dollar to produce.

Tote bags are used for more than transporting items. They can also be used for storage and organization in closets in the home or the office. It makes travel more convenient; a tote bag is a size and weight ideal for an airplane carry-on piece. You can place it easily in the overhead storage bins, or even underneath your seat, and take along all kinds of items: books, magazines, snacks, a crossword puzzle book, even your I-Pod to make your flight more enjoyable. Of course, this can also be said for any kind of travel: bus and train travel, public transportation, and carpooling. You can also use a tote bag a diaper bag, and parents can send one with their children when they visit friends or go to a babysitter or a sleep-over.

You can imagine the powerful advertisement your company’s logo is placed on one of those tote bags. The tote bag, in comparison to other promotional products, which are usually quite small, is a very high profile. It has a rather large imprint area for your name, logo, and contact information. Other people will be sure to read it as your customer carries the bag around, throughout their day. They may even ask, “Where’d you get that cool bag?” This naturally opens up a conversation about your company or organization.

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