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Carpenters, electricians, construction workers, and craftsmen all need a tool bag to organize their tools such as pliers, cables, screwdrivers, hammers or screws. There are several tool bags to choose from ranging from large duffel-bag type to fit large tools like saws and levels to small compact canvas tool bags or tool belts one can easily carry over his shoulder or around his waist. No matter what the type of material used in constructing the tool bags, they all have one thing in common, that is to carry tools.

Canvas tool bags are one of the most popular choices around utility and electricians because of its compact and rugged type. It can withstand harsh wear and tear or extreme weather conditions without deformation. Perhaps, several people heard what a canvas tool bag is but don’t have a clue what it is.

So why use canvas for tool bags?

Canvas isn’t only used at carrying pliers, screws or voltmeters. It can also be utilized as a sail for boats, canoes, golf bags, duffel bags, tennis shoes, mail bags, tents and yes it is also used by artists for their paintings! Canvas is a very versatile material that is manufactured using cotton combined with another type of fabric like hemp, flax, and jute woven tightly to produce a tough and weather-resistant fabric. Special canvas fabric is made by undergoing different manufacturing procedures.

For example, painting canvases are made from smooth, stretched and single warp procedures. Most canvas material for canvas tool bags, golf bags, and sailboat use double warp procedure. Double warped canvas is more tightly strung together giving the end fabric tougher and more rugged than single warped canvases.

A couple of tips to pick a good canvas tool bag or belt

There are many ways you can search for good canvas tool bags. For starters, you can visit your local electrical supply shop or hardware store to choose from different brands, sizes, and styles of canvas tool bags and canvas tool belts. You can recognize them easily by the texture of the fabric which has cotton-like fiber.

There are a couple of things I look whenever I shop for a new canvas tool bag. Let me remind you though, that these tool bags are very tough and don’t need to get replace over the years. If you provide good maintenance over your bags, they will stay in pristine condition over a long time.

First, what I like to determine is the reputation of the bag. How to do it? By visiting by electrical shop store and asking the manager/ salesman which canvas tool bags/ belts are the most popular among buyers. I always think that the more popular the product is, the better is its quality. After that, I go online and counter check similar product name to verify if it’s true or not. It’s quite a lot of work for some, but it’s just me, I don’t like leaving anything to chance. There are forums and shopping sites offering customer reviews for the product.

The second thing to check is the overall quality of the product. Many information about the product can be seen online like the actual dimensions, weight, the material used and complaints about the product. I can evaluate whether the canvas tool bag I like is good or not. I’m looking for probable defects on the straps if it might be uncomfortable to carry around, if it’s fairly priced, storage conditions and more.

Third, look at is the price of the tool bag. There might be other great deals I’m missing at like there could be a better deal than what I’m searching for – better quality for a lower price. If the product I searched and like online isn’t available at a nearby hardware store, then I order it online. It’s easy, quick and efficient. Check out for other canvas bags.

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