Free promotional canvas bags are often given away at conventions, trade shows, and other big events. Not only do many companies and organizations print their names, logos, and contact information on them, they’ll stuff them with informational brochures, marketing materials, and other promotional giveaways. That way, customers and potential customers walk away with a useful product to keep, use, and continue the free advertisement of your company. They also receive a bunch of useful information they can bring home, read at their leisure, and share with their families, friends, and coworkers.

Educators find canvas bags extremely useful. Teachers use them to carry away all those papers that need to be graded. Conference and workshop leaders provide their attendees with canvas bags so that they have something to store and organize the information they receive, and so that they have a souvenir from the event. canvas bags are even used at benefits and charity events for similar reasons. Non-profit causes find it easy to implement the canvas bag as part of their fund-raising campaigns, and to help them educate the public about their efforts.

Promotional canvas bags are also great for holiday gifts and customer appreciation giveaways. With this country’s continuing move towards “green” products, it communicates your commitment to the environment by encouraging people to use them instead of plastic bags. An entire blog post could be written on how harmful plastic bags are to the environment, and how shopping canvas bags help clean up the environment. A simple idea is to print the recycle emblem on a canvas bag, along with your name, logo, and contact information. It communicates, “Look how committed we are to our community and to our world.” Now that’s positive advertising!

canvas bags are ideal for transporting damp items, such as wet bathing suits after you’ve been to the beach or at the pool. Many are made from 100% cotton canvas, are machine-washable, easy to take care of, and are durable. They last for a long, long time. Heavier, more durable canvas bags are ideal for carrying heavier items such as art supplies, work-out clothes, books, and even your laptop.

Promotional canvas bags are probably the only promotional item that you can put other promotional items into. Your company or organization could probably purchase every promotional item on the market and stuff them into even the smallest canvas bag being sold.