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People these days like to help the environment, and by using a canvas tote bag you can help too! We strive to live in a greener world. This means recycling, composting and reusing items. One way to go green is by using canvas bags. Take it a step further by encouraging your company, church, club or scout troop to purchase a canvas tote bag for everyone in the organization. There are several benefits to this; you will all be helping the environment, keeping plastic bags out of landfills, matching each other (encourages bonding within a group) and advertising your group and a cause at the same time.

A canvas tote bag will be appreciated by everyone because it has so many uses. Keep several in the car for when you go to the grocery store. They hold more groceries than a plastic bag and will not break as you are carrying your groceries out to the car. Because they hold more, you can probably get by with 5 or 6 versus 10 or 12 of the plastic bags. Plus, after you have put all your groceries away you can just stuff them all into one tote bag and place it back in your car. With plastic grocery bags, you are stuck with wondering what to do with them – and they add up with weekly shopping trips.

There are lots of things you can use your canvas tote bag for. Use them for your library books, your children can use them for an overnight bag, keep emergency supplies in them and place in your car, use them at the beach or pool, keep them as lunch bags, keep things like glasses, tissues, and planners in them rather than stuffing your purse and use one as a diaper bag. Give canvas tote bags instead of throw-away gift bags and the gift recipient will have a canvas tote bag of their own.

There are several types of tote bags available. Some canvas totes have reinforced handles and bottoms which are good for carrying heavy things like groceries and books. Some have outside pockets and others have inside pockets. They come in different heights and different widths, different colors, and different colored reinforcement bands. You can buy them plain or with a logo of your choice. Have fun deciding on a logo and soon all the members of your organization will be proudly carrying around their canvas tote bag.

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